• Guest Room Availability

    ​Guest Rooms

    • Front Room: small room with twin sized bunk beds. Suggested donations:

      • $35/night for one person

      • $25/night per person if both bunks occupied

    • Back Room: larger room with full sized bed. Suggested donations:

      • $40/night for one person

      • $50/night for two (both people should enthusiastically consent to sharing the bed)

    • Couches: one night stays. Suggested donation $10.

    • Private 1br/1ba (separate entrance). Suggested donation: $80/night

    If the recommended rate is prohibitive, please reach out to discuss possible options, especially for longer stays!

    If you're looking for private rooms for 1:1 sessions for career coaching, counseling, massage, etc. let me know and we can talk about availability and pricing.


    Check the calendar below to see if either guest room is available. If there is not an event stating that the room you are interested in is booked, send an email to theberkeleyreach@gmail.com to start the booking process.