• Venue Selection

    Your event has to happen somewhere! Here are some questions to consider when choosing a location, and a few examples of that info for existing spaces.


    • What is the size of the event? (What max capacity is acceptable?)
    • Do you need indoor space?
    • Multiple rooms?
    • Seating?
    • Outdoor space?
    • Shade?
    • Sun?
    • Field for activities?
    • Tables?
    • Acceptable distance from central Berkeley?
    • Ease of transit?
    • Ease of parking?
    • Need sound equipment?

    The Berkeley REACH

    • One main room (capacity 30, with seating and tables available)
      • Two side rooms (capacity 6-15 depending on furniture arrangement)
      • 2 guest rooms that can be used for events if unoccupied, or with permission of the current guest
    • The space is indoors. 
      • There is a large gated driveway area in the back, but it requires permission from the residents of Event Horizon (who live upstairs).
    • 5 min walk from Ashby Bart
    • 2hr street parking during weekdays (8am-7pm), unlimited on evenings
      • Might have to park up to a block or two away 
    • Built in sound system
    • Projector and screen for talks/movies
    • Cost: free for events that are open to the community, ask about pricing for private events
    For more info, see The REACH's webpage.

    UC Berkeley spaces

    Ocean Beach

    • Cost: Free for small groups. Permits cost $45+
    • Outdoor only
    • Swimming is very dangerous due to rip tides. 
      • Anyone who is not an experienced surfer should stay out of the water.
    • Very limited access to restrooms
    • Requires permit for large events:
      • Capacity determined by permit
      • Permits required for catered events, firepits, events with sound equipment. Not clear how large a gathering that doesn’t use these facilities has to be before it requires a permit.
      • Info on obtaining permit
    • Public transit from Berkeley: Very difficult
    • Transit time from Berkeley:
      • ~2 hours on public transit, 1.5ish in car, depending on traffic

    Tilden Picnic Areas

    • Cost: $60-$775 depending on capacity (~50-500): 
    • Outdoor only
    • Transit from central Berkeley: 
      • Short car trip
      • no great public transit

    Humanist Hall

    • Cost: $400-900 (dependant on date, size, and other factors)
    • Booking info
    • Capacity: 123 seated, 265 standing
    • 390 27th Street, Oakland,CA, 94612-3104
    • 15 minute walk from BART, Short walk from many bus lines


    • Indoor only
    • Possibly multiple rooms, depending on availability
    • Has whiteboards
    • Has seating for ~20 people
    • Feels crowded with > 50 people
    • Very close to Downtown Berkeley Bart
    • Note: only available for meetups and events related to rationality 
    • How to reserve: Talk to Elizabeth Garrett

    Rationalist Group Houses

    For privacy reasons, we won't list specific info here, but consider asking your friends in group houses if they are up for hosting your event!