• Bay Area Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants and Stores

    (See section below for suggestions on cooking and eating Vegan/Vegetarian)

  • Cooking and eating Vegan/Vegetarian

    Bay Area Vegan/Vegetarian Field Guide Compiled by Adam Kol


    • Cereal with non-dairy milk. Almond or soy milk with cereal. Many cereal brands are vegan; just check the label for no milk products or honey. Many flavours of cheerios are vegan.

    • Toast with avocado; or PB&J; or vegan cream cheese (recommend kite hill; trader joe's; tofutti is decent. Add whatever veggies you like)

    • Field Roast vegan breakfast sausages.

    • Smoothies. Choose your recipe. (frozen) bananas, dates, cocoa powder, spinach, etc. Add water/soymilk for desired thickness and/or ice for desired temperature.

    • Coffee Creamer: Nutpods; soy milk; almond milk

    • Coffee: Califia Cold Brew (coffee and almond milk and flavor mixed together, directly drinkable like a latte)

    • Soylent/Coffeist - Full meal replacement

    • Oatmeal: basic, filling, cheap. Add nuts or berries if you want to feel less like a Scottish abbot.

    • If you want diet/high protein: Advant-Edge Carb Control shakes are vegan, and available at the Emeryville Target, among other places

    • Sweet Earth breakfast burritos and sandwiches (buyable at Emeryville Target, Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl)


    • Sandwich with Field Roast or Tofurkey deli slices; Just Mayo/Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo; Field Roast Chao Cheese/Violife slices; and any veggies you like.

    • Salads with any nuts, fruits, and veggies you like. Balsamic vinaigrette, olive oil and lemon juice, as well as other vegan dressings available -- check label for no dairy (i.e. buttermilk), eggs, or honey

    • Frozen meals from Amy's (look for ones without cheese/dairy- they clearly label “Vegan” at the beginning of the ingredients list)

    • Stir Fry: saute veggies with oil/water, soy sauce/liquid aminos, ginger (powder or grated), garlic, and sriracha (to taste). Can add tofu, seitan, tempeh or any other vegan meat. Serve with rice.

    • Coconut Curry: plenty of recipes online. You could try the above but add curry powder and coconut milk, and probably a bit lighter on the soy sauce/aminos

    • Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Veggies: same as you always make it, just choose a jarred sauce without dairy to make it vegan. I recommended adding Field Roast sausages (apple sage is really good). Also be generous with the nutritional yeast (see below)!

    • Mix and match your favorite veggies, legumes, carbs (rice/quinoa/potato), and/or protein-dense food (tofu, seitan, tempeh, packaged stuff). Avocado is always great to add.

    • Burger: Beyond Burger (most similar to cow burgers); Impossible Burger (at many restaurants); Field Roast Fieldburger; Dr. Praeger’s (veggie burger).

    • Hot dogs/sausages: field roast, yves, beyond sausages (available soon).

    • Refried bean tacos: Refried beans out of a can are surprisingly tasty. Fry up some onions, pour over some salsa verde, maybe add a few chopped peppers.

    • West African Peanut Soup: It is filling, delicious, and takes about 20 minutes to make. I have never served it to anyone who didn't enjoy it. Recipe here.

    Brands, Staples

    • Vegan Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry's; Haagen Dazs; So Delicious (prefer cashew milk flavors); Rice Dream; and Trader Joe's Brand.

    • Candy: Oreo's are vegan! So are Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Skittles, and lots of other treats.

    • Nutritional yeast is a nutty, cheesy topping that tastes good on a lot of things and can also help you make a great macaroni and cheese.

    • Staples: Earth Balance Vegan Butter; Hummus (basically any brand); vegan mayo (Just Mayo; Hellman's is great, too); Bread -- check labels for milk products/honey. I recommend Dave's Killer Bread and Eureka.

    • Vegan meats: Beyond products are great (Beyond burgers; beyond chicken, etc.). Field Roast or Tofurkey, as mentioned above. Layonna's Vegetarian Store in Oakland has delicious stuff; they sell to the veg restaurants in the area. For cooking: seitan, tofu, tempeh

    • Cheeses: Miyoko's; Violife (slices; also blocks for pizza); Follow Your Heart (best for grilled cheese); Vtopian