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    This is a portal into the Bay Area rationalist community

    We value truth over comfort, and results over effort, but effort over apathy.
    You're invited to join us at the regular meetups described below. Check the calendar for other events that are open to the community!
  • Regular Community Meetups

    Here is a list of the reoccurring community events that currently or will soon exist:

    There is a Berkeley EA community group that meets at 7pm on Wednesdays at The Berkeley REACH.

    There are Effective Altruism events regularly in the South Bay and San Francisco. These meetups range from hikes through the Berkeley hills to lightning talk sessions to group dinners and can be found on the calendar.
    Come and socialize and strategize with others of the EA mindset.

    There are three regular LessWrong meetup locations in the Bay Area:

    Berkeley: Thursdays at 7PM
    San Francisco: Mondays at 6:15PM
    South Bay: irregularly scheduled
    Drop by to discuss rationality, play board games or just socialize. You can join the bayarealesswrong google group for the most up-to-date information.

    The Bayesian Choir welcomes any new members who have experience in singing and want to sing cool songs with cool people.

    They meet every two weeks on Sundays in the East Bay. You can find out more by reading this document, and you can get details about rehearsals by joining the Google group.

    There are many opportunities for alumni of the Center for Applied Rationality (CFAR) in the Berkeley area.

    See the calendar for info about upcoming meetups!
    Attending a CFAR workshop is a great way to get to know local community members, while learning more about applied rationality.

    Practices like authentic relating and circling are designed to help each of us feel more connection in our lives, and to more deeply understand other people. Over the past year, many members of our community have explored these practices and found that they wanted more.
    We're currently in the process of rolling out more Authentic Relating events. More info will be posted here when available

    Welcoming Committee

    We are trying to organize events, manage directories (such as this one), provide community services, and build tight-knit groups of motivated people. If you would like to contribute to the community resources, please contact us at bayarearationality@gmail.com.

    Join us in organizing a more active community!
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