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    This is a portal into the Bay Area rationalist community

    We value truth over comfort, and results over effort, but effort over apathy.
    You're invited to join us at the regular meetups described below. Check the calendar for other events that are open to the community!
  • Regular Community Meetups

    Here is a list of the reoccurring community events that currently exist:

    There are Effective Altruism events all over the Bay Area. Come socialize and strategize with others of the EA mindset.
    East Bay: Dinners on the first Thursday and third Wednesday of every month, open to anyone interested in EA (RSVPs requested).
    UC Berkeley: Vegan dinners on campus every Tuesday from 5–7 PM.
    San Francisco: Events happen every few months and draw dozens of people. San Francisco EA sometimes collaborates with the Progress Studies movement.
    Stanford: Stanford EA is a very active group with a long history. Join their Facebook group to learn about events.

    There are several rationality meetups in the Bay. Join the Google and/or Facebook group to learn about upcoming events.
    East Bay: Public social meetups every Thursday at 7PM. We also have:
    • Movie nights on Saturdays at 7PM
    • Language salons (Russian and Spanish) once a month on Mondays
    • Other events (e.g. hikes, field days, board game nights), scheduled via the Discord
    San Francisco, Sunnyvale: Meetups every few months, announced on Facebook and the Google Group.
    San Jose: David Friedman occasionally holds weekend meetups; check his website to see if there's one coming up!

    The Bayesian Choir welcomes any new members who have experience in singing and want to sing cool songs with cool people.

    Rehearsals are every other Sunday at 5:30 PM in the East Bay and are announced on the Google Group.
    You can learn more by reading this document and get in touch by joining the Discord.

    Welcoming Committee

    We are trying to organize events, manage directories (such as this one), provide community services, and build tight-knit groups of motivated people. If you would like to contribute to the community resources, please contact us at bayarearationality@gmail.com.

    Join us in organizing a more active community!

    Rationalist group houses

    There are at least a dozen rationalist group houses in the East Bay alone. If you're looking for housing, you can join the East Bay EA/Rationality Housing Board Facebook group.


    Some people are trying to solve the matching problem between houses and residents, contact us if you're interested in helping with this!

  • Interested in learning more?

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